Our Commitment

We know that getting the products you have ordered from various vendors for designs that you have sold can be stressful during the holiday season. Our commitment to our customers has always been to be honest and upfront about our production capabilities during the holiday season. We will never promise anything that we cannot deliver. We will always work as hard as possible for our customers to ensure that your holiday season runs smoothly and you receive your product from our company on time, everytime. 



Burr Industries, LLC.

406 River Falls Street 

Suite #127

Andalusia, AL 36420





*** Important Shipping Information***

For large packages, please mail to:


Burr Industries, LLC.

15749 AL Highway 55 South

Andalusia, AL 36420



We only sell to distributors, we do not sell direct to cities, shopping centers, or malls. If you need help finding a distributor please contact us and we will direct you to someone who can help.