Burr Industries  provides our distributors a diversified line of high-quality Christmas decorations that they are proud to stand behind. We will develop long-term relationships with our distributors by providing excellent customer service, quality service, and on time delivery. We are committed to work hard for our customers to ensure the success of their business. In doing so, Burr Industries will be able to provide our employees with opportunities for personal and professional development; while maintaining the family atmosphere on which our company was founded.


What do we do?

  • We manufacture quality indoor/outdoor wholesale commercial Christmas decorations for our distributors. These products include Christmas bows, gift boxes, large fiberglass decorations, lighted decorations, bows for wreaths, giant steel frame bows, and much more. Call us if you need ideas for our decor.


Why buy from us? 

  • High quality line of standard products that are readily available (click here to find out what makes us different)
  • Our ability to create a custom item that makes your project stand out from the rest. (click here to check out photos!)


Be sure to check out the products page where you can find information on different styles and sizes to meet your decorating needs (Click Here)