Our Team


Justin Sightler

General Manager


Tel: 334 728 2359

Email: justin@burrindustriesllc.com


Justin graduated from Auburn University in 2006 and started working with Burr Industries where he was responsible for customer relations, handling administrative duties, and assisting in operations management. Justin and Sarah tookover ownership of Burr Industries in 2012. While at work, Justin enjoys developing customer relationships and works to streamline our customers experience with our company. Away from the office he enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, and fishing.


Sarah Sightler



Tel: 334 488 5410

Email: sarah@burrindustriesllc.com


Sarah graduated from Auburn University in 2007. She is a civil engineer at CDG Engineers. Sarah assists with strategic planning and business development. When away from the office, she is a dedicated mother and enjoys spending time at home with the family. 


Zach Jones

Operations Manager


Tel: 334 300 8087

Email: zach@burrindustriesllc.com


Zach graduated from Auburn University in 2011. He is responsible for leading the company's day to day operations, personel management, and product development. Zach also enjoys building relationships with our customers. Outside of work he enjoys hunting, fishing, and being outdoors.