New Shimmering Gift Boxes
May 26, 2021
***BRAND NEW for 2021*** Our “Shimmering Gift Boxes” will make a great addition under the Christmas tree this year! Available in four sizes. Can be powder-coated in your choice of colors, aluminum framed, finished with PVC mesh and your choice of lights. Bows are detachable for easy storage; boxes nest. Lightweight and easy to stake into the ground. 24” $502 each 30” $536 each 36” $617 each 42” $713 each

NEW Walk-In Ornament
May 20, 2021
***BRAND NEW*** Check out our new photo op! **Giant Walk-In Ornament** This mid-size orb is made with powder-coated aluminum, finished with accents of PVC mesh and 5mm LED lights. Affordable, lightweight and easy to stake into the ground. The Walk-In Ornament is completely customizable, from light color to powder color. CNC cutouts can be added in any shape to create a unique design, from stars to snowflakes. Use your imagination to come up with a spectacular holiday photo op! 12’ to the top...

Logo Refresh
April 28, 2021
Ta DAAAAA! We are excited to debut our new logo! Our company was founded 1975 and we have enjoyed many years of growth and innovation. We are excited for the future and decide a little “logo refresh” was in order! We have a talented graphic designer who always brings our visions to life, and we hope you like it as much as we do!

2021 Burr Industries Showroom Highlights
April 15, 2021
We love hosting clients at the shop to see what we are designing and creating! Check out our 2021 Showroom highlight video.

February 11, 2020
What a remarkable year we’ve had in the Christmas business! It’s been a time of growth and change here in the shop. It’s not lost on us that if you’re not staying ahead of trends in our business, you’re not just behind Santa’s sleigh…it can stop you dead in your reindeer tracks! At our last planning meeting of 2018, we discussed where we wanted to head as a company, and the general consensus was definitely “innovation.” Sure, we have the tools and resources to replicate any...